Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SPIRAL Teaser #1!

Over the next two weeks, I'll be posting teasers from Spiral, which comes out July 9th. The summary is here.

Nessa and Aron's first meeting happens during a rough first day on the hospital unit where she's working ...

I take a stumbling step back, and the heel of my pump lands squarely on … someone’s toe. “Ow,” says a deep male voice.

I spin around. Lab coat over a striped button-down. Splattered with coffee. “Omigod,” I mumble, reaching out like an idiot to wipe brown droplets from the center of my victim’s chest, vaguely registering firm muscles beneath the fabric … and the fact that I am smearing hot coffee over them and (once again!) making things worse. “So sorry.” I lift my gaze to his face.


I’ve stomped on the most gorgeous guy I’ve ever seen up close. And made him spill his coffee. And wiped it on his neatly pressed shirt. He’s a few inches north of six feet tall, lean and broad-shouldered, with dark blond hair and seriously green eyes. A small, crescent shaped scar just above his angular jawline somehow only makes him hotter.

He’s gazing down at me like he’s expecting an explanation.

“Uh,” I say, grasping frantically for words and coming up empty. Because: his mouth. I can’t stop staring at it. “Sorry. You’re very … stealthy.”

On Wednesday, July 10th, I'll be hosting the "Always do the thing that scares you" blogfest to celebrate Spiral's release. To participate, all you have to do is post about a time when you intentionally did something that scared you, either to get over the fear or because you knew it would be good for you. Details and sign up are here, including info about the giveaway! Grab the badge and prepare to tell us how you confronted your fears!

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