This is my space to recommend New Adult novels that feature the more gentlemanly gentlemen of NA. I'm on a mission to read and spread the word about heroes who are not your typical alpha bad boys, the guys who tend toward respect instead of dominance and control. The nice guys don't get enough attention, in my opinion, so I'm giving them a page. Feel free to snag the badge and post about them, too!

Lucas is a perfect example of a quietly strong and sexy hero. He's thoughtful and respectful.
Garrick is funny, charming, gentle, and BRITISH.
Drew is sweet, poetic, and vulnerable, but devoted to his heroine.

Nate is gentle, easygoing, generally adorable, and super-supportive of his heroine.

Matt is crazy-intelligent, quiet but fierce, and has a way with a metaphor that will make you weak in the knees.

Cade is charismatic but giving, cautious with his heart but willing to risk it for his heroine.

Bennett is principled, artistic, selfless, strong, and hot as hell.

This page will be updated as I read ...

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  1. I am going to keep watching this section because I am looking for more of these books myself!