Friday, September 27, 2013

NICE AND HOT Men of NA: Bennett from ALL OF YOU by Christina Lee

Time for another installment of NICE AND HOT Men of NA! As some of you know, I'm on a quest to find and discuss NA books that feature male protagonists who are strong--but not a$$holes. Who are assertive--but not controlling. Who are sexy--but not domineering, cocky, or snarky. In other words, I'm looking for gentlemen. HOT gentlemen. And today I bring you:

In All of You by Christina Lee, Avery Michaels is interested only in quick flings to satisfy her sexual needs--no relationships wanted or allowed. But when she meets Bennett Reynolds, she's thrown for a loop.

And so was I! The thing with Bennett: he's a virgin. A hot tattoo artist virgin. That alone absolutely made me clamber for this book. What made me LOVE this story, though, was Bennett the character, not just his superficial description. He's principled without being rigid and judgmental. He's sensitive without being weak. He wants something real. A real relationship, a real love--and he's willing to wait for it. He guards his heart, and he values himself enough to expect whomever he's with to do the same.

What I adored about Bennett is that he is human. He's powerfully attracted to Avery, and their chemistry is scorching. Both characters second-guess themselves and make mistakes. They hurt each other, but not intentionally. And they go out of their way to correct those mistakes because of the respect and affection they feel. Their journey is absorbing and thoroughly enjoyable, and Bennett is the type of guy that exemplifies the nice and hot characters I search for in romance. He cares so much about Avery, but he also demands respect from her. He'll do just about anything for her, but he refuses to lose himself. He's strong, gentle, and thoughtful. Ah ... and SUPER SEXY.

Have you read ALL OF YOU? Do you agree with me about Bennett? Any other recommendations to add to my Nice and Hot reading list?

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  1. Excellent choice for a nice yet hot hero. I LOVE Bennett!!!