Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Here we go! I'm so grateful to all these wonderful bloggers and to Xpresso Tours for coordinating.

I write NA romances that are a little different, in that so far, all of them have involved at least one major character who has some sort of mental illness. I guess I've done that because I'm a psychologist, and I happen to know some stuff about both mental illness and its treatment--and I also know that ONE IN FOUR people will meet criteria for a mental disorder at some point in their lives.

But still, people are people, and with or without illness, they fall in wild, passionate love, and that love can be part of what gives them strength. I don't romanticize the conditions in my books, but I still think they're romantic.

You shouldn't listen to my own opinion about my book, though (links will be updated as of the blogs post--currently the first 5 on the list are live)! Go see what reviewers are saying!

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