Monday, July 1, 2013

SPIRAL Teaser 3!

Nessa tries to keep Aron at a distance, but he's got a plan of his own...

“Come on.” Aron pulls me over to a table with a built-in chessboard. There’s a box on the table with some old plastic chess pieces in it. “My father and my brother Max would play every Sunday afternoon, and I would sit at the table, watching them. They thought I was too young to understand, but I picked it up quickly.”

            “How old were you?”

            “Four.” As my mouth drops open, his expression turns cunning and mischievous. “I love this game. The strategies are useful in life as well.”

            “Oh, really?” A smile tugs at my lips.

            “Mmm. I’m using one right now, in fact.”

            I laugh, but it’s breathless as he looks me up and down. “Are you going to tell me what you’re up to?”

            “And yield my advantage?" He gives me an absolutely wicked grin. "Never.”

I've got one more (hot) teaser for you on Wednesday, and then on Friday I'll be posting the entire first chapter! And before you go, here the chance to enter New Leaf Literary's Addicted to New Adult giveaway!

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